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Mohamed Moussaoui

Partner Consultant – LCE Morocco / China

Mohamed Moussaoui

Partner Consultant – LCE Morocco / China


Partner Consultant – LCE Morocco / China
General Manager ICS Fareast
Board director member at Global Finance Club (Shanghai)

Qualification / Studies

BA Business administration & Finance, Paris (France)
Master degree Logistics & Procurement, Lille (France)


  • Main responsibility of Mohamed Moussaoui, developing sales channels for international clients
  • Prior to founding ICS Fareast, Mohamed has hold various positions in multinational companies as well as mid sized ones.
  • Mohamed Moussaoui worked for the corporate development department of the logistics company SDV Logistics in China. In charge of contract logistic.
  • Main account handled in China: Automotive, cosmetics, garments, industrial equipment
  • Mohamed has been director member at AUCHAN Logistic Department where he has lead his team into several turn around projects.

    Selected Projects

  • Creating a Consolidated Export platform for a major French Automotive company in China
  • Set up biggest national DC for second largest retailer in France
  • Successfully opened new markets for a Canadian chemical company in China through complete turn around of its operations
  • Lead and start mining sales operation in China for a Morocco mining company (Iron/Lead ore)
  • Started a matching platform for investment and finance in Shanghai to leverage on high demand for ROI projects for investors.

Sector Expertise

  • International Transport, warehousing and Logistics, procurement & sourcing, commodities, investment