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Yuval Grossmann

Partner Consultant - LCE Switzerland

Yuval Grossmann

Partner Consultant - LCE Switzerland


Partner Consultant – LCE Switzerland
Senior Consultant at BrokerTeam GmbH Switzerland

Qualification / Studies

Business Administration/Political Science in Webster University Geneva


  • Main responsibility of Yuval Grossmann is to consult clients with the purchase of Physical Commodities from different kinds of resources around the globe.
  • Before Yuval Grossmann entered the Commodities Market, He was the founder of S&G FX Investments in 2012 trading currencies, using different strategies in market speculations
  • Yuval Grossmann attended MUN as the ambassador and representative during his Political Science courses in Geneva, representing in Den Haag, Holland with over 2000 representatives and ambassadors whom attended the event.

Sector Expertise

  • Consultancy, Trading, Sales